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Behind the Author

C. Thomas Cox specializes in suspense and thrillers. He lives in Maryland with the love of his life and his two wonderful sons.

When he's not playing baseball or basketball with his boys, he can often be found at the lake attempting -- and often failing -- to catch a trophy fish.


Memories Never Die

Thirty years ago, Jim got away with murder. Today, his victim came back -- and he brought trouble.

The dead farmer whom Jim thought he had left behind in Vietnam has revenge on his mind, and Jim's wife and son are his targets. Unless the threat the farmer imposes -- and possibly the man himself -- is only a figment of Jim's PTSD-driven hallucinations.

While Jim races to protect his family, he battles the mental demons that the farmer's re-appearance rekindles. Will he be able to save his family before his memories destroy his mind?

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Ghost Writer

The dead have feelings, too.

Self-proclaimed author Paul Fick just knows he has enough talent to top the best-seller lists...even though none of his works are good enough for publication.

His persistence, however, agitates the spirits of some of the great -- but deceased -- authors. They decide to stop him before he sweet-talks some unsuspecting publisher into giving him a chance.


The Weeping Willow

Can a dead end job kill you?

In this new tale of suspense that seems ripped right out of the Twilight Zone, we learn about a man stuck in a dead end job and a dead end marriage. It takes an encounter with a possessed Willow tree, however, for him to finally to acknowledge his lack of purpose.

Will he be able to escape the tree's wrath before it's too late, or will he become its fertilizer?

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The Shortcut

Is a man's bond with his dog enough to defeat Death?

In this gripping short story, we follow an elderly gentleman whose time on earth has nearly expired. Rip, his childhood canine, has a different idea.

As Death prepares to harvest the man's soul, can his best friend protect him from the eternal punishment he likely deserves?

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